Sunday, October 11, 2009

Putting this blog on a comatose...

Hey everyone!

So, how's the first 9 months in JC/7 months in Poly been for you guys?

I wanted to say a belated "thank-you" to those who came down on 31 Aug. Really sorry to not inform you guys earlier that the SASS teachers were leaving the school early for some Teachers' Lunch event. Also, really sorry we couldn't get Ms Seah to come down. Like anything that I plan, it's never perfect. But I hope you enjoyed that day, hanging out with former classmates / schoolmates.

Anyway, let's go to the main point: This blog is probably dead to many of you. Well, to be honest, I also think this blog has been quite dead since Aaron posted about the Certs being ready for collection - it no longer has a reason to exist, and I don't expect anyone to keep clicking back to see what's new. (FYI, I don't visit the blog regularly, either. I let my RSS tell me when something's new on this blog.)

As such, with effect of this blog posting, the 4SAints08 blog shall be in a comatose, until someone decides to put up a new blog post to announce something, such as a 50th anniversary reunion, whatever that means.

If you want to spread something to the 4SA08 network, I recommend that you use the SAS 4SA 2008 Facebook group that Jasper Yee started a long time ago. It's under-utilised, and I think it has quite a lot of potential as a spamming tool means of news circulation. Currently, we have 24 out of 44 ppl in the group (Ms Seah's also there. No prize for guessing her Facebook name.) If you aren't in the group yet, please join the group:

If you're having problems joining (e.g.: you need an invitation), add me as a friend (, and/or remind me by writing on my wall. I'm on Facebook quite regularly nowadays, so I shouldn't miss your friend request(s).

And Jasper Yee, please don't kill the group now that I publicised it. (also, thanks for starting the group.)

So, that's it from this blog. Please log on to Facebook and join the group.

With that, I shall end this post and put the blog to sleep ... ... ...

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day!

Here's a re-post of last year's Teacher's Day greeting...

To all our teachers [especially those who have been teaching us]:

Ms Seah Kui Hua,
Mr Sim Joo Jin,
Mdm Ng Yuet Mei,
Mr Muthu,
Mr Desmond Soh ,
Ms Lee Bin Choo,
Mr Koh Beng Chuan,
Mrs Daphne Ang ,
Mr Koh Yong Mong,
Mrs Raj,
Mr Gordon Goh,
Mrs Yeo Yuen Chin,
Ms Tan Yii Yan,
Mrs Jacinta Leong,
Mr Wesley,
Ms Chua Xin Yuan,
and Mr Jimmy Koh,

from all of us in 4SA, class of '08.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

don't say I didn't warn you...

Just to let everyone know, the teachers are (according to Jasper Yee who was talking to Chem Yeo) leaving school at about 11am on Monday (31 Aug 09) for a Teacher's Day Lunch. So, if you come by 12, you might see a few teachers, maybe a few Junior School teachers, and that's it. So, if you bought lots of gifts, I suggest you come earlier!

Don't say nobody told you.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Remember the contact list?

Hey guys.

I was just looking through the Google Docs with our class contact list. Saw a couple of blanks that shouldn't be too difficult to fill in. So I thought you guys could help out.

I listed the missing details below. If you know the answer, drop me an email at [ronaldliong at gmail dot com]. (I think you know how to type that in the "To" section. Enough said.)

a) Where these people are studying (you can post on the tagboard for this one):

b) The handphone number of these people (if they have, and if they're willing to give):
-Jon Phang
-Matthew Tang
-Ben Toh

c) The email address of these people (if they have, and if they're willing to give):
-Melvin Tan
-Matthew Tang

Please don't post contact details on the tagboard.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Class gathering in detail...

Okay, It's August, which means we're supposed to have a class gathering at the end of the month!

Thus, I've created a poll to find out what's the earliest time you can come down for the get-together. Simple choices - 10am, 12 noon, 2pm, or if you have a full Monday timetable and no half-day, 4pm.

At the moment, the plan is just to meet in SASS and walk around looking for teachers, wishing them Happy Teacher's Day, and then meeting together as a class in some corner of SAV/Potong Pasir (which means either we go to the Upper Court/canteen, or we invade MacDonald's).

I don't want to make too many plans because to be honest, there's no point saying "we'll have a soccer time" and only those who want to play turn up while the rest don't feel like coming. It'll just be a 'come, say hi, then what do you want to do now' kind of event. What you want to do after we say hi to the teachers and fellow '4sa-ians' is up to you. Chat over lunch (or Starbucks for the more sophisticated bunch), or just window shop at ion Orchard (how's it, by the way?).

So, yeah. Choose a time so that I'll know how many will make it, and then call up your other friends to see who else wants to go eat some beef noodles at MacPherson with you.

Monday, June 22, 2009


I''m supplying some oxygen (in the form of blog posts and updates) to keep this blog alive. Yes, this blog is never dead. But you know the saying:"never say never".

Anyway, while this blog is alive and I still have time before I have to leave for school in 7 minutes' time, I just want to let you know that I'm trying to get a get-together in SASS on 31 August (Teacher's Day Celebration).

But for that to happen, I need to know how many of you can come, and what time you'll be able to reach SASS. I know this is still a bit early, but I figured that people who read this blog once in every donkey years might not read this post if I were to publish it in Mid-August. So, while I still have the chance, please tag on the tagboard with your response to the following question:

"What time would you be able to come in to SASS on Monday, 31 August 2009?"
If you do not know yet, you still have 2 months and 8 days from the time of this post.

Also, if you have suggestions of what to do after we go to SASS, that'll also be great. (i.e.: where the heck do you want to go to after we see all the teachers? McDonald's? Dhoby?

P.s.: If I sound out of touch with the latest hangout place to go to in Singapore, well, 'skool' me on that.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Echoes in an empty space

From the Tagboard:

matt: haha heys anyone wanna hav a class outing this hol or wat? juz a simple meet up for a meal or anything haha suggestions please! : )

So, what do you think? Tag, sms Matt, Facebook, MSN, do whatever that is necessary.

P.s.: I know it's a bit early, but I might be in Singapore in late August / Early September. (TBC; I'll post the confirmed dates on my blog / this blog / Facebook status / Twitter.) How about another meet-up/class reunion/Teachers' Day celebration trifecta?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

218.186.huh? Pseudonyms un-pseudo-ed.

Just had to vent my thoughts on this blog. Because it's about the tagboard.

There seems to be something about the IP addresses beginning with "218.186". All the junk posts we get are from that IP range. I wonder why...

6 April: 'Bobby' = Melvin (Lim) aka Putpoop,
OR someone using Melvin's internet connection after he left the keyboard (probably the case).

4 May: "Yo Mama" = Yi Lei. 'nuff said.

6 May - "Vishnu" and
11 May - "raymond" could be the same people. I don't know. But they're probably neither Raymond nor Vishnu.

11 May - "Bob" is probably Yi Lei. PROBABLY.

13 May - Farmer B = Bob = Yi Lei. POSSIBLY.

I could be right about suspecting Yi Lei and Melvin Lim, or both could be Ms Seah. (her IP fell in the range in late March. Not sure about now, but it could still be in the range). So, to be safe, I'll blame everyone who lives near Yi Lei, Ms Seah, or Melvin Lim and have the same ISP as them. There. A blanket finger-pointing to increase my chance of being right.

This blog refuses to die...

Yes, this blog is not dead yet. Amazing, but true.

Anyway, some of you might have received an email from Aaron Chua.

If you didn't, well, it's nothing important in particular, but I thought I should share what he sent on this blog, because not all 4sa-ians are more equal than others - we're all equal. Ok, whatever.

HELLO ex-4SA!!

Long time no see! Hey this june there is going to be this SYFC funfair called "PLAYMAX!" where there will be a lot of goodie bags and games. It will be at 12 and 13 june (fri and sat) at St. Andrew's Cathedral. I will be going for both days. BRING YOUR FRIENDS ALONG if you are going!! The flyers for this event are attached to this email. Both days there are different timings (9am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm). It's $10 each btw. The food is going to be from Pastamania and Superdog. There will FLEAMAX - flea market, STAGEMAX - performances + buskers, EXTREMEMAX, CYBERMAX, and SMARTMAX - games! (heard there's going to be FIFA for Cybermax). For more information, you can go to If you guys dont want to bring your friends, you can volunteer to usher for the event. Bet they can still use a lot of help! Can choose to help either day, but must be able to go for the dry-run on May16.

It's going to be fun! Hope you guys would want to go.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just in case any of you are out of the loops, these are some things from the SASS website that I thought I could post.

-The B Division Ruggers beat ACS(I) 17-10 in the B Div Finals. Which means SASS is the champion again.

-The Band clinched a Gold with Honours in this year's SYF!
Also, the Drama got a Silver, and the Choir has not gone for judging yet (no idea when, but should be before the end of this month, as far as I know.)

-Think I posted this before, or maybe not, but anyway, there's some sort of Photography Competition going on. Open to all Primary, Secondary, JC, IP, and MI institutions (Sorry Poly students). If you're in a JC, or you have a younger brother, and you have a camera, why not try it out? The theme is reflection.

So, yeah. that's what's happening on the SASS website.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Images, incase you didn't understand

You know how some dictionaries have pictures in them?

Well, treat this post as one of those things.

The topic: differentiating the SGC from the Certificate.

This is the School Graduating Certificate. You can tell because the words "School Graduating Certificate" are embossed at the part which I pointed to in the photo. It's a folder with 6 slots.

Inside it, you'll find at least four pieces of paper.

The first says "School Graduating Certificate".
This is NOT your O Level Certificate.

The second says "Academic Achievements".
This shows results from your O Level exams.
But again, this is NOT your O Level Certificate.

The third piece is with regards to your "Co-Curricular Achievements".

The remaining pieces are about "Personal Qualities".
This is the essay/report that Ms Seah typed with the help of the "Resumé" that we had to do as an assignment last year. She showed us to check for errors when we got our Prelim results, if I recall correctly. Well, for a few people, there has been errors in this section, be it spelling of the name, grammar, copy-paste error, etc. Whatever it is, please read the last (few) page(s) just in case there's any mistakes.

That's the SGC.

The O Level Certificate is NOT in the SGC folder,
nor is your SGC your O Level Certificate.

They are separate.
They are given separately, too.

The O Level Cert looks like this...

You can tell I had a hard time taking this photo with my iSight camera.
That's because it's laminated, so it has a glossy surface.
It's just one piece of laminated paper,
much like the PSLE Certificate that we got after we left Primary School.

So, hopefully, from this post, you can tell if you forgot to take one of the above items, or if you haven't collected any of these items yet, you know what to expect.

Mind you, sometimes, the Office staff may be busy, so they may give you one item and not the other.

Hope that helped at least one person out.

Monday, March 30, 2009

O level Certs

The office staff told me that they will be sending the O level certificates ( a laminated piece of paper ) back to MOE if you do not collect it soon.
I do not have an exact date, but she seems pretty pist that we take our own sweet time to go collect it.
Therefore, for your own sake, get it from school quick or else you will have to get it from MOE yourself.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Hi guys

If you still have your history file together with your sec 3 and sec 4 notes in order and it's taking up precious space in your study room or table, could you kindly offer it to Mrs Raj? She's looking for a well-organised file of notes. If you do, could you please tell me? Mrs Raj would really appreciate it!

: ) Seah

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



#1: for all those who doesnt know you have to collect your SGC (school leaving certs) from the sec school, you have to go collect from sec school. Bring IC/EZ-link. This is a different one from the small less-than-half-A4 size paper that you received.

#2: for all those who HAVE-D already collected your SGC from SAS, you have to go again to collect your O-level CERT from the sec school. Bring EZ-link/IC. This is a different one from that small slip of cheapstake paper and your $50 SGC. Elohim and I were the first to collect that today. :)

Oh ya Miss Seah, I heard that you made some grammar/spell mistake with Nigel Wong one, now the school has to pay an extra $50 just to print everything again. Haha.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stolen possesions


---Error corrected by Ronald, thanks to feedback from Ryan---

Saturday, February 14, 2009

People, please double check.

---This post was updated on 19 Feb 2009, 4:46PM GMT+0800---

Ok, this is what I do not have so far, with regards to the Poly/JC in which people are studying in. If anyone knows where these people are, please post in the tagboard or email to me.

Do Not Have

The rest.
(removed for privacy reasons. But if you need to know where anyone is studying, just go over to Google Docs, log in, and check the 4SA class contact list.)

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Hey again.

Thought I should highlight something.

Jasper has accidentally kindly (note the 2 adverbs) started a group on Facebook.

So, I thought I should publicise the group here, so if you have a Facebook, do join the group.

Needless to say, you need to have a Facebook account to join the group.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Ideas for the Class contact list

Hey guys!

I was thinking of adding a new column to the class contact list on Google Docs [I hope you guys still remember your logins!] to indicate which JC / Poly / Country you're studying in. I think most of us would have known by now where they would be going. The problem is how we're going to collect this. So, I hope you guys can tag on the class tagboard or just email me where you are studying.

You can also include the names of others from our class / school who are in the same institution as you are in the email / tag.

Oh, if you can edit the class contact list, just go ahead and type it in.

email: ronaldliong at gmail dot com

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hi everyone! For those that need your CCA Records, you can get them from Ms Rathai tmr from the time general office opens till about 12.45. She will print them for us tomorrow. 

Alternatively, I think the school will mail (just a guess, cos we had like 5 envelopes?) it to us. (this is if we are not urgent and the in the case if the record slip is not be that important to some of us)

Thanks loads to Miss Seah for helping us source this info. :D

Monday, January 26, 2009

Class outing 9/1/09

The outing was quite a disaster (my opinion). We went to east coast macdonalds to meet, and Aaron was about an hour late. Aaron had no idea where we were eating and we finally settled down at subway. Plans to cycle after dinner were easily disuaded and we found ourselves at a basketball court. Some of us played basketball while others sat on the cold hard floor and played/watched bridge.

I dont think Aaron was totally at fault.

We should...
1-Have a better plan or have a plan
2-Ignore other's opinions after plan is decided unless its really good.
3-Send invitations at least 2 weeks before outing.
4-Dont bother to check who is coming unless you need the numbers.

These are my opinions, and sorry to the planners as i might sound like a know it all and an ass, but it was a really aimless outing. ( Free and easy is not a plan!!!)

However i think most of us enjoyed it in a aimless kind of way. You can tell from the smiles on the pics! Hope this aint the last gathering. =D

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Class Comm '07

this would be interesting to most of you guys...yi lei and ryan came up with this on 27th jan 07...take a look at this.

(comments in brackets are by the o mighty powerful Yilei..A.K.A Francis)
Imma the treasurer
Also known as Ryan
But that’s George to you
Unless you are ms seah.
Or someone that usually calls me Ryan.

Class fund.
I propose we collect taxes
$4 a month.
Like say for example
The average allowance per week is $20
That means $80 a month.
We collect only 5%
Which is quite reasonable.
Look at the government.
They get 7%.
So I feel we are quite reasonable.
(Yilei statement… I shall now explain what he needs the cash for… no.1… birthday gifts.. no.2….during long holidays like march or june we all go on a class gathering for lets say… east coast barbeque.. bowling..n stuff I guess.)

One common problem is Desmond soh.
But we can’t do anything about him.
So I propose we start a class blog.
We should write about all the bad stuff he does to us,
It is a way to vent our anger at him in a safe, non-violent way.
Not to mention you can use the opportunity to enforce good English.
Then maybe we can get some ex- SA guy to publish our collection of short stories
And shock the public with the suffering we go through.
(yilei statement… only wholesome proper English allowed on the blog. But anything found in the dict will be allowed.. like the F word.)
To better ensure a conducive environment in school
We should get teachers to teach less from the textbooks.
And more from other sources.
Students get bored easily and their attention will stray
Especially if the teacher is reading off the textbooks.
E.g. KYM.
I say we spray a section of our class wall black.
Around the size of a large vanguard sheet. Or mahjong paper size.
Then we can get jasper yee or one of those people good at art
To write down our names and the year we were here.
This might help to instill a sense of class belonging.
Like we could say that class 3sa consisting of… passed through this class in the year 2007.
Cool huh.
-(baa.. black makes the classroom look so moody u need a cheery colour….. lets say bright orange!)
To better instill a sense of belonging we can have some class item.
Maybe a ring,
I for one want to say that zongren would look mighty fine with a nose piercing,
Or anything.
A badge would be good.
Like those nice badges with little proverbs on them type of badges.
(lets just let the class com decide everything! Who cares about democracy..)
Well, as a committee member,
Albeit an unwilling one.
I would like to see our class mix around more with each other..
Stepping out of their comfort zones
And out of their cliques of friends.
We (yilei and I) have noticed people tend to stick to their friends from their sec 2 classes.
This is natural human instinct and we cannot hope to alter this.
But I feel we should try harder to incorporate the ones from other minority classes.
Into our activities, like Matthew for example.
We as a class need to be united as a whole and able to stick together through adversity.
The up-coming years ahead will not be easy and we need to band together as a class
To continue supporting each other.
(I agree with this whole heartedly.. \)

I sound like some politician. (ur a natural borned one.)
Oh well.
I will do all I can to help achieve this goal.
Ps: class shirts HAVE to be pink.
The class should have to deal with it just this once.
I am adamant about this point.
Both yilei and I will use all necessary force to enforce the pink shirt.
Everyone against this colour shall suffer,
(yilei statement… c’mon guys.. pink is the new black! You guys obviously dun go out much bunch o nerds staying at home playing maple!)

And so it ends… I hope u have fun reading this ms seah… it took us a staggering 5 minutes to write it! You better appreciate our efforts by letting us keep the remainder cash left over  signed george & francis

Sunday, January 18, 2009

another class gathering....

hey guys... there will be another class gathering this friday (23 jan) at yi lei's place( yi lei's b'day btw)... hope u guys can make it! hah so i heard abt the last trip.. was not so good... hah but i think this one will be btr coz i planning it! there's a plan this time! hah there will be BBQ followed by Xbox, boardgames, mahjong, cards, movies, a big field if u guys wan play any soccer, basketball court is also nearby. If u wish to stay overnight its all possible : ).. some of us are already staying ovrnight... hah

yi lei's address : 9 eaton walk, near fernvale LRT (sengkang mrt)
buses available are : 70, 103, 163, 854
meeting time: 4pm

plz RSVP me if ur coming (81269232) Matthew sia

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Outing

Thanks ronald for making me a admin!

Issac, jing kai, Nelson and I went for a rather unsuccessful, but enjoyable christmas outing on 22nd December. We had a rather retarded gift exchange and had dinner at swensens.

We had nothing to do after dinner so we took the first bus that came from suntec. We alighted 2 stops later and walked to the esplanade. We watched a band play and walked aimlessly inside the esplanade.

After that, we went to get this gigantic air ball for FREE. We were supposed to vandalise it in anyway we wanted and return it to the vendors. We were not sure what it was for, maybe for new year resolutions. We took one and wrote all kinds of crap on it.

We wrote everyone's name! The first one has our signatures on it.

The sexy looking Arnold look alike (from Hey! Arnold) in the bath robe is drawn by me. Dam he's hot!

I will put in more entries on our class outing and the results day some other time.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Breaking News! "O" Level Results!

Breaking news!

We're getting our
"O" Level Results
12 JAN 2009,