Friday, May 29, 2009

Echoes in an empty space

From the Tagboard:

matt: haha heys anyone wanna hav a class outing this hol or wat? juz a simple meet up for a meal or anything haha suggestions please! : )

So, what do you think? Tag, sms Matt, Facebook, MSN, do whatever that is necessary.

P.s.: I know it's a bit early, but I might be in Singapore in late August / Early September. (TBC; I'll post the confirmed dates on my blog / this blog / Facebook status / Twitter.) How about another meet-up/class reunion/Teachers' Day celebration trifecta?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

218.186.huh? Pseudonyms un-pseudo-ed.

Just had to vent my thoughts on this blog. Because it's about the tagboard.

There seems to be something about the IP addresses beginning with "218.186". All the junk posts we get are from that IP range. I wonder why...

6 April: 'Bobby' = Melvin (Lim) aka Putpoop,
OR someone using Melvin's internet connection after he left the keyboard (probably the case).

4 May: "Yo Mama" = Yi Lei. 'nuff said.

6 May - "Vishnu" and
11 May - "raymond" could be the same people. I don't know. But they're probably neither Raymond nor Vishnu.

11 May - "Bob" is probably Yi Lei. PROBABLY.

13 May - Farmer B = Bob = Yi Lei. POSSIBLY.

I could be right about suspecting Yi Lei and Melvin Lim, or both could be Ms Seah. (her IP fell in the range in late March. Not sure about now, but it could still be in the range). So, to be safe, I'll blame everyone who lives near Yi Lei, Ms Seah, or Melvin Lim and have the same ISP as them. There. A blanket finger-pointing to increase my chance of being right.

This blog refuses to die...

Yes, this blog is not dead yet. Amazing, but true.

Anyway, some of you might have received an email from Aaron Chua.

If you didn't, well, it's nothing important in particular, but I thought I should share what he sent on this blog, because not all 4sa-ians are more equal than others - we're all equal. Ok, whatever.

HELLO ex-4SA!!

Long time no see! Hey this june there is going to be this SYFC funfair called "PLAYMAX!" where there will be a lot of goodie bags and games. It will be at 12 and 13 june (fri and sat) at St. Andrew's Cathedral. I will be going for both days. BRING YOUR FRIENDS ALONG if you are going!! The flyers for this event are attached to this email. Both days there are different timings (9am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm). It's $10 each btw. The food is going to be from Pastamania and Superdog. There will FLEAMAX - flea market, STAGEMAX - performances + buskers, EXTREMEMAX, CYBERMAX, and SMARTMAX - games! (heard there's going to be FIFA for Cybermax). For more information, you can go to If you guys dont want to bring your friends, you can volunteer to usher for the event. Bet they can still use a lot of help! Can choose to help either day, but must be able to go for the dry-run on May16.

It's going to be fun! Hope you guys would want to go.