Tuesday, July 31, 2007

chem common test tmr

i just want to get this straight...
so far 3 people already called me to ask me what topics are coming out...
well, here they are:
1) Metals & Metal Extraction (including metals reactivity series, metallic bonding, properties of metals, metals and alloys)
2) Stoichoimetry 1 - 10
3) Experimental Techniques (including criteria of purity)

and plus i just saw the news tt the 2nd south korean hostage has been killed...havent read the article yet but...pls those who are christians...you know what to do.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

reminder for remedial and other stuff...

1. Physics remedial tomorrow... remember to attend!

2. Sign your error analysis if it isn't signed yet!!! Otherwise...

3. Survey: Thursday, 26-07-07, 11.45am, A05-03

4. E Math: SDL CH07W03 due 3 Aug, CH07W04 due 6 Aug.

5. We still don't have a lot of links. How bout posting them on the tagboard?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Common Test Topics list at a glance...

30 jul: elementary mathematics
algebraic fractions,
quadratic equations,

30 jul:combined humanities
SEQ: Facist Japan (hist)
SBQ: Sri Lanka (s.s.)

31 jul: physics
work, energy, power
thermal properties of matter

31 jul:english language

1 aug:mother tongue

1 aug:chemistry
stochiometry(mole ratio, limiting factor)
metals & extraction
experimental techniques

wk 8, aug:additional mathematics
partial fractions,
binomial expansions,

*subject to changes and inaccuracy. Any inconvenience is regretted in advance.

Week in summary...

quote of the week:

"Trust your calculator, provided that you know how to use it."

-Mr Desmond Soh

k, enough nonsense...

this week's rather plain, i guess... Only significant thing i remember about this week was Mr Gordon Goh's return from the land of the red maple leaf...

is it just me, or does Mr Goh seem kinda overworked in recent days?

there was chem remedial, dunno how that went... So how was it?

racial harmony week is this week, too... Happy racial harmony day in advance!

there was quite a lot of tests for a non common test week... That's kinda odd.

that's all, i guess...

[feels kinda weird that this week's so boring...]

Prize giving ceremony

Yep, prize giving ceremony's tomorrow, 3pm.

just a reminder to the prize recepients: reporting time is 1345h... School hall. Mark your attendance before going for your other duties, if any.

of course, if your duty requires you to come a lot earlier, or if you have other committments, you should know what to do...


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

housekeeping matters and 'circa2007'

k,now that the class blog has [a bit] more visitors [from the class], we've some stuff for you to do...

firstly. if you have a blog, we want to link to it [and give a plug to your blog n stuff, f.o.c.]. All you need to do is just to tag with your name / nickname at the tagboard, putting down your blog address as the URL, and a message like "link me" or the likewise. Then, try to inform me [Ronald] at school so that I know. Your blog should be linked in less than 7 days from the time you inform me [verbally, not via the tagboard. that doesn't count.].

so, i hope to see the list of links lengthen soon!

second thing: just for the photobugs out there... if you're interested, there's a photo exhibtion called circa 2007.. and they're accepting entries for this exhibition. the theme is "Singaporean Singapore". the deadline is July 29th, but if you can upload to them or send the printouts by then, you'll get a chance to take part in the photo exhibition! [take note: they have a special offer for those who want to print 8R photos: $2.50 per print [for students only. show your student pass. the list of places are available here]

anyway. if you're interested, just check the website: http://www.circa.com.sg


HI! evry one..haha this is my first time posting... kk there's a interclass hand ball competition coming up at the end of the sch term.. i thnk... haha not sure... so i nid VOLUNTEERS!!!people!... so if any of u are intrested to join plz come and tell me as soon as possible... thx

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tests galore! [updated 20jul]

Just another reminder...

history test
Chpt 2.2 - Fascist Japan

chem test
Acids, Bases, Salts, pH, Oxides

bio test
Chapter 8 - Transport in Human

chem remedial
oh whatever... It's too late to update anyway...

prize giving ceremony saturday
reporting time is 1.45pm

Monday, July 16, 2007

Just 4 fun, laughter, peace, n joy...

U cld call it a 'demographic research' or a 'census', but i posted a poll on the sidebar for trials... Check that when you are free.

also, regarding class buddy (i'll refer to it as the neglected number bonding Assignment), the chairman has asked me to remind you to find thy partner AND REPORT TO MATTHEW S. or thy fate shall befall on his mighty pen. Im just relaying a msg here...

k, that's all for now...

it thingy... guy


hey just remembered something

gordon goh coming back this week. so better prepare your file and all your graph which you havent finish yet

just wanted to say that really glad someone is doing the class buddy system:)


Sunday, July 15, 2007

hi everyone...

hello everyone, im aaron, your welfare rep

it was my idea for this class blog so let me explain myself. my hope for this blog is that through this blog we can actually inform 3sa all the impt details abt sch (yawn...) and maybe express all our hatred and love we share among the class.

yup i know tt almost the whole class dont know abt this blog cos we havent offically publicise to the class yet. ron, great job on the blog, although i have been bugging u since beginning this yr. jkjk, but really great job done.

let me tell u something i think all of u dont know, this blog is actually a private blog - meaning its only open to ron, me and someone who havent revealed himself yet. we'll see what we can do, who knows maybe we can include the whole 3sa in! just give your google account to ron and he will settle them.

and btw, let ron know if you have a blog so he can tag u in

let's get to school details now:

homework for fri 13/7
1) chem SPA grpah
2) e.maths tys
subject: trigonometry
pg 158 Q4,6
159 Q12
160 Q14
161 Q7
3) chinese newspaper report
4) zuo ye 17

mon: rememdial has been CANCELLED due to o levels oral

wednesday: 1) Chemistry test : Acids, bases, salts, oxides, pH
2) History test: Japan Unit 2.2 SEQ

thursday: 1) Bio test: Chpt 8 - Transport in Humans

saturday: Prize Giving Day (to all the nerds and geeks out there...)

but seriously, why does chem yeo want to give us another test on the topics which we have been tested already? and plus, honestly, how many bio groups actually met up during the holidays to 'teach' each other? does this sort of 'co-operative' teaching thing really work when all the info are found in the textbook? tag all your opinions on the tagboard. tag tag tag (but dont spam)

gd nite everyone