Friday, June 29, 2007

Emo[tional well-being] test!

From the school website...

All students are encouraged to take a test to assess their emotional well-being.
This test is free for all students from St Andrew's Sec up to 30 June.

Students are required to enter their names on the survey for them to be able to get their results.




Tuesday, June 26, 2007

reminder: stuff...

Bring these...

Physics Graph ws
found in the OTH169 course, 3 files labelled as
GraphDraw1.pdf ,
Holiday HW2.pdf ,
Holiday HW3.pdf.


Health Booklet

money for photos
1x 5R = $3
1x 8R = $8 $6 [wrong info]

report book
kinda overdue...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Late-breaking news...

yeah, apparently, there's some stuff we have to do for SS...

also, we have 3 graphs for Physics, just to clarify...

good luck, last minute do-ers!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

To answer your doubts & questions...

I got this question at least 3 times...

"What's d purpose of the class blog?"

Well, at the moment, it still seems unclear...

But for now, just take the class blog as a place for "public-level announcements"...

meaning, these are the things we can announce openly without too much hush-hush...

so, no, it's not for teacher's day planning [hope Ms Seah saw that...]

it's just for stuff like homeworks, blog links, interesting class experiences / testimonials, etc...

it could be a showcase of the cool stuff some of us do / did...

or maybe just a "link page" to your youtube video on your [insert something here]

so, at the moment, the blog's like a drop of rain in the clouds, unsure of where it may land.

It may end up in the sea...
it may end up in someone's mouth...
it may end up in a sewer...
and this has no link to the blog at all....

and by the way, your essays are overdue...

An update from the Online Learning website:

"... there won't be a third piece of homework! Comprehension task has been done away with! : ) Enjoy your hols!"

So, that's one homework striked off everyone's "laundry list"...

Oh, by the way, did I mention?

The Essay assignment submission dates have passed.

So, if you have submitted them, then well done!

If not, well, what can I say? You're screwed.

Enjoy the remainder of your holidays!!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Holiday Homework: the laundry list... [updated: 19/6/07 9:17am]

^: Available on Online Learning

English Language
-^2 Essays [Due: June 10, 18 respectively] [overdue...]
-^1 Comprehension [cancelled. enjoy your holidays!]

MT: Chinese
MT: Higher Chinese
-Mid-Year Paper
MT: Chinese Syllabus 'B'
MT: Tamil
-^Holiday Homework on Online Learning Workbin
MT: Other
please check your respective sources...

Elementary Mathematics
-^June Holiday Assignment WS: Trigonometry
Additional Mathematics
-^Holiday Assignment WS

-WB p86, 87, 90 - 95
-Notes on Heat
-Upcoming: Test on Work Energy, Power, Moments, Forces in term 3
-^Corrections for MYE
-Read Chpt 9 of textbook
-Physics file
-^Mr Michael Lim uploaded a graph drawing exercise. Do it! [SPA preparation]
-^5-Year Series
-^Powerpoint Lesson on Air pollution

Elective: Biology
-Group work: Due Week 1 of Term 3
Elective: Art
-^Artist research [under the Italy trip workbin]
-^Online Survey
Elective: Geog, Lit, POA, D&T
please refer to your respective sources...

Reminder: Chemistry Class

Just in case you forgot...

7 June 2007
8 June 2007

Chemistry Lab

09.00AM to 12.30PM

Bring a calculator, along with all your stationaries.

stuff for you to do...

k, here's da deets...

I need everyone's blog URLs so that I can compile them for the links section>>>

So, for those of you who have a blog, I will be putting up a tagboard. Just put your name as, well, your name, and the blog address as the links.

And in return, post the class blog as a link on your blog!

Anyway, do post your 'what the f*** where's this thing and that thing and i want this' childish complaints on the tagboard [when it's up and running].

By the way, the address may change, so just take note!

Just for now...

an unidentified person told me this:
"just go ahead with the blog.."

Perhaps it was an omen? A sign of a blog to come? A blog that I have to create?

Ok, enough crap-talk. Here it is. I know you've [not] been waiting for it, so here it is at last.

The 3SA Class Blog... Brought to you by 3SA, Sponsored by no-one.