Thursday, July 31, 2008

Awaiting Open House dates

wy: need more JC open houses dates............

Ok. truth be told, I tried searching a couple of JCs which I thought to be the more 'popular' ones [e.g: VJC, SAJC, NJC, RJC*, ACJC]

So far, I have yet to see any announcements / indications about Open Houses by any of the JCs' website, EXCEPT
  • SAJC [2 Aug, confirmed]
  • ACJC [tentatively 8 Oct, according to their calendar of activities]
I suggest that you wait till AFTER the Prelims, then check the various JCs' websites for any updates.

Otherwise, just do a Google search to see when their open house was last year. Expect most to be in October.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh Humanities!

I thought I heard little voices screaming "Oh, Why bother?" in my mind when I decided to type this post...

I thought I should post the rough format for doing SBQs in Combined Humanities, from what I absorbed from the various CH teachers.

-Inference 1. Give Support.
-Inference 2. Give Support again.
-Purpose of the Source is ... [H.o.P.E.]

Utility Q.
-Useful. Support from the Source.
-Useful. Further support by Cross-reference.
-Not useful, lack of info? / biased?
-Not useful, Further support by Cross-reference, or citing contextual knowledge.

Based on Content, Tone, or Purpose [CTP]

Comparison Q.
-2 similarity, 1 difference.
-2 difference, 1 similarity
based on Content, Tone, or Purpose. [CTP]


Today's 30 July. I'll give a day-by-day announcements / notices breakdown for 31JUL - 15AUG.

31 JUL:
Australia Maths Competition, Last 2 Periods of the day.
[Bryan James Wong, Chia Wei Yong, Ronald Liong, Melvin Tan.]

1 AUG:
Common Test, Day 1 [Combined Humanities, Chem SPA / S Chem, EL]
1pm: Chem Extra Lesson for those who were asked to go.
DUE DAY for the Grad Nite Payments [$50]

2 AUG:
SAJC Open House
Add Math Extra lesson, 8am / 9am, C7-06
Geog / POA status unknown.

4 AUG:
Common Test, Day 2: [E MATH, Phy SPA / S Phy, ELECTIVE]
Add Math Extra help session, Library.

5 AUG:
Add MATH CT. [Differentiation & Intergration, Area Under Graph, Kinematics]
PHY: Filing. Bring Hole-Puncher(s).

6 AUG:
Phy Test

8 AUG:
National Day Celebrations [school ends 10.30am]

9 Aug - 11 Aug: Off Day.

12 Aug: EL Oral Season Starts, but it's not our turn till...

14 Aug - 15 Aug: EL 'O'LVL ORAL.

More on the individual notices.
Combined Humanities CT:
SS Topic: Venice
HIST Topics: Stalin & Hitler, Chapter 2.2 [excluding Fascist Japan]


S Chem CT / Chem Test [after CT]:
Check the notice board in Mrs Yeo's Homeroom, next to the whiteboard.

E Math CT:
Topics: Probability, Maths & Graphs in Practical Situation, Algebraic Fractions, Quadratic Equations, Similarity & Congruency, Trigonometry, Angle Properties of a Circle

BIO CT: [just a repost, in case anyone missed it.]
CHPT 10, 13-15, 19

June Papers:
You are advised to purchase the 'O' Level June papers for the following subjects:
E Math, A Math, Chem.

No weekend lessons this week due to CT,
No weekend lessons next week due to National Day,
But continue to do till 2005 paper.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Attention!! :) ok i keep forgetting to make this announcement to the class so if u see me remind me!... "K if u intend to go for the SAINTS Graduation Dinner plz pay $50 to me asap"... thx thats all...


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SPA form

"Hi. If you happen to on your laptop, which i know you will, can you post on the class blog to bring physics spa consent form. Thanks. :-)

From: Aaron Chua"

Erm, ok... there you go.


Found a link that may help with the Skill 3 homework on the varnish and the leaves thing.

If you have no clue on what the varnish is for, I suggest you check it out.

Yes, it's about stomata size [and ours isn't], but there's this bit here that helps you understand what the varnish does when you apply it on the leaves.

2) How can you measure stomatal size? With most leaves, you can paint the surface with nail varnish and leave it to dry, then press selotape to the leaf surface and peel off the nail varnish impression and stick it to a microscope slide to measure the size of the stomata under a calibrated microscope. Now, this is almost impossible to do as the stoma is actually the hole between the guard cells and you rarely get the chance to measure the diameter of the hole - perhaps you will just have to measure the length of the closed hole and make some assumptions from there - perhaps you will just have to measure the diameter of the guard cells and make some even bigger assumptions from there.

update: found another link:

Monday, July 21, 2008

Erm, countdown tweaked?

I think Ms Seah tweaked the countdown to time till Oct 20 rather than that previous date.[citation needed]

So, no more mistakes, no more errors. We ARE really REALLY down to our last 100 days before Chem paper 2.

Oh, if you do any of the following subjects/papers for Os - Religious Studies, Japanese, Combined Science [Practical], Art [SOVA], NTIL, Music, French, or German, tweak your countdown a little earlier. Your first paper isn't on 20Oct.

Overseas trip| Pass that loud-hailer!

Semi-quasi-notice-cum-or-slash-announcement from your Welfare I/C, Aaron Chua... not in exact words, because I don't have perfect memory.

Or i you want exact words: hi everyone! hey who wants to go to the overseas thai trip? currently 12 going. let me know k?

Regarding the overseas trip, we've only got 'positive' response [i.e.: those who say 'YEA'] from 12 people from our class. Best will be if we can hit 20.

The details are still a bit sketchy at the moment, so as soon as there's any new info, we'll post/announce/disseminate it as soon as possible.

What we know so far is that it'll be a leisure non-CIP trip to Bangkok, Thailand. The target departure day is Nov 14, the day after Bio Paper 1[the last paper] and Grad Nite.

It'll probably be a shopping and just-for-fun kind of trip, after the OLVL. Probably the last time we can have such a trip, considering how 'split-up' our class will be after the Os.

Anyway, just let AC know if you changed your mind / you can finally confirm your response.

new this week

BIO: Mon, 28 July
CHEM: Fri, 1 Aug [CT]
PHY: Mon, 4 Aug [CT]

Any amendments must be made by the end of this week, Friday 25 Jul. Please get the relevant teachers to sign next to the amendments.

Mon, 4 Aug. Consists of MCQ and Section B [Structured?].
Tested topics:
  • CH10: Respiration
  • CH13 - 15: Coordination and Response [Brain, Eye, Hormones]
  • CH 19: Inheritance [Excludes Cell Division, Meiosis, Mitosis]

Late-posted news...

Sorry this post came a bit late, but hey. Better late than never!

CHEM TEST on QA & Stoichio

Thursday [remedial]:
Discuss Paper 1 for 2001 and 2002 Nov papers
Going through Electrolysis revision again

Discuss 2001 and 2002 Paper 2.

So, please do the 2001 and 2002 papers in the TYS.

Also, Take note that from now on, Mrs Yeo will be going through the TYS papers rather than letting you do it during her Saturday lessons, so please do them beforehand.

Friday, July 18, 2008

THINGS to note


  • Organic Chemistry
  • Polymer
  • Redox Reactions
  • Rate of Reaction
  • Metals
  • HIST: Topic 2.2: Rise of Authoritarian Regime
  • SS: Venice
  • 1SBQ [HIST: 5m]
  • 2SEQ [HIST:12m; SS:13m]
Physics Class Test 23 July
The titles of the topics are kind-of long, so I'm posting them here:
  • Electromagnetism [LHR]
  • Electromagnetic Induction [RHR]
  • Transformers [RHR]
CT Schedule:
  • 8.00-9.00: Combined Humanities
  • 9.40-10.40: CHEM [SPA] / S Chem
  • 11.25-12.25: EL
  • 8.00-9.00: MATH
  • 9.40-10.40: PHY [SPA] / S Phy
  • 11.25-12.25: ELECTIVE
EL ORAL OLVL starts 12 AUG, but I believe most of us will have it on 14 AUG.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kinematics in 3 lines and one blank space.

s [displacement] <-> v [velocity] <-> a [acceleration]

-> differentiate
<- intergrate

90 days

By this time, almost every topic for the various subjects have been covered.

So, let's ramp up our revision schedules!

This week:
CHEM, Mnemonics, and that QA test.

1. Reactivity series.

I got this from some people from 4SB, and it seems to help me. So, for those who have problems memorising, hope this can help.

Please Santa Claus Help Make A Zebra's Itchy Leg Heal Completely Soon.

Please [Potassium]
Santa [Sodium]
Claus [Calcium
Make [Magnesium]
A [Aluminum]
Zebra's [Zinc]
Itchy [Iron]
Leg [Lead]
Heal [Hydrogen]
Completely [Copper]
Soon [Silver. And Silver is cheaper than Gold, Gold cheaper than Platinum]

If you are used to a certain method of memorising, you may want to add other non-metallic elements in, specifically CARBON and HYDROGEN.

Carbon fits in between Aluminum and Zinc, because the oxides of everything from Zinc and below CAN be reduced by carbon. Everything above requires electrolysis.

2. Rate of Reaction.

Ok, this is my personal way of memorising the difference between exothermic and endothermic reactions. Correct me if I am wrong.

Breaking of bond=
Absorbing energy=
eNdothermic reaction

Making bond=
Release of energy=

3. Anion & Cation Test.
i)Anion [non-metal ions]
1. Add Nitric Acid
Effervescence: Carbonate.
2. Split Solution into 2 test tubes. Add Ba(NO3)2 to one, AgNO3 to the other.
Ba(NO3)2: Sulphate.
AgNO3: Chloride {if white}, Iodide {if yellow}.
3. If all else fails, get a new solution, add NaOH, aluminum foil, warm gently. Test with a damp red BLUE litmus.
Effervescence, Litmus turns red: Nitrate.

ii)Cations [metal ions]
For NaOH
-Only NH4 has no ppt.
-Only Al, Pb, and Zn dissolve in excess [The amphoteric metals]. Read on to differentiate.

For Aq. Ammonia
-Only Ca has no ppt. [Ammonia is redundant]
-Only Cu2+ and Zn are soluble in excess.

Differentiating the Amphoteric metals.
-Add HCl to excess. PbCl2 is insoluble. Hence, Pb is identified.
-Add aq. Ammonia to excess. Aluminum Nitrate is insoluble in excess. Hence, Al is identified. Leaving the last solution to be Zn.

4. Formulas for stoichio.

n=V/24dm cube
n=V/24000cm cube

n=MV [concentration * volume]
Hence, M1V1 = M2V2

Then, there's the yield, emp. formula vs molecular formula.

All the best for chem test!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

100 days of OLVL countdown: 100 - 97

Well, I'm kind-of late to start a 100-day countdown. But anyway, yes, we are less than 100 days away from the big O.

So, to anticipate its arrival, I thought I would post exam tips [or maybe reminders] every few days!

Well, actually, it's more of a reward for those who actually bother to read the class blog. So, yeah. I'm cheap in that way.

Today's tip:
[Combined Humanities / SBQ] Every purpose has HOPE.

The purpose of a source can be ONE of the following:
H- Highlight
O - prOve
P - Persuade [esp. those related to propaganda]
E - Explain

So, to answer a question on Inference, you can follow the following format [spot the redundancy]

  1. Answer the Question:
    "The Source tells me that ...inference..."
  2. Give Evidence:
    "I can see this from '....QUOTE....'. "
  3. Identify the Purpose:
    "The purpose of this source is to ...choose on of the 4 options of HOPE..."
Hope this helps!