Friday, January 25, 2008

Hi guys k i thought maybe i should inform ya this coming school holiday march camp will take place on 11 march (tues) to 12 march (wed). so keep this date available and free! and for those who have something on that day could u try to make arrangements to change it k?? It will be fun day!... so try to come! haha that's all...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

im back!

hi everyone...

this is your welfare ic speaking..ahem...jk jk:)seems like i have not posted anything since beginning of last year...although i initated this blog...haha...but i still think this blog has proved its usefulness among the class comm...not too sure abt the class...

k my first purpose for this post is wanted to ask (especially the camp comm) about your thoughts on the march overnight camp. it will probably during the march holidays and ms seah homeroom will be open. those who want to play like can go basketball court or wherever (exaggerating...)to play. or do you prefer the class comm to prepare a schedule on when to study and when to that more organised but with the individualistic spirit everyone has i dont think tt can maybe ron can set up a poll? and the rest of you pour out all your thoughts into the tagboard or comment this post k?

now my second purpose for this post is what do YOU want to see in this blog??? maybe ron can put snapshots of ppl from 4SA? last yr arvindh wanted to set up a soccer section in this blog...but still havent set up a google account yup whoever wants to contribute to this blog PLEASE DO SO!!!

now finally my third purpose for this post(i know some of u will feel uncomfortable abt the SUPER organised way im writng)is tt u press on on your studies! sec 4 will a very tiring year and the year will just fly past before u ever know it so WHY NOT GIVE IT YOUR BEST SHOT? just for those christians out there this is a verse somewhere in the Bible which says do your best in everything u do cos u are doing it for God not for man.

Yup thats all.

Friday, January 11, 2008

E-maths Hw (10 - year series)

Class Assignment

  • Pg51 - Q5
  • Pg54 - Q9
  • Pg55 - Q14 & Q1
  • Pg57 - Q7

Home work
  • Pg46 - Q16
  • Pg47 - Q18 & Q20

Class Fund

Hi!, ok juz to add to Ronald's post... i will be collecting class fund ovr the next few days for this year till march (for entire term1) which is abt $9 or more depending how many months u hav left... Some of u may wonder why i am collecting so much all of a sudden well this is for this coming march overnight class camp... i hope that u all would be cooperative and GIVE GIVE GIVE!... haha it will help us greatly in planning for the camp as we know how much resources we have at our disposal!.. haha

Plz rmb to bring the money next week thx! :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008


.Class Fund: $3 /month, starting from this month.
.EL: File, Ten-Year Series, and Target Setting
.Chem: SPA file.
.Physics: Test on Monday.
.E Math:
.A Math: TB Qs
.S.S.: Self-made notes.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

By popular demand.

SS hols hmwk, for the guys who [ahem.] forgot to do...

Task 1:            Make notes of the Source-based Questions (SBQs) skills taught in the Activity Book.

Task 2:            Complete exercise found between pages 83 and 92 of your Activity Book


pls clarify with someone w/ regards o the template for Task 1.

Physics vid

U guy hav realised that u can't hand in the project video because it was too big to hand in through LMS rite?... ok so GG has requested that u guys hand it in thumbdrive or cd by next week mon latest which the day of the next Physics lesson...