Friday, November 30, 2007

Choir Concert Tickets!

Hey everyone!

Erm, just wanna let you guys know, we still have tickets for the choir concert on December 22nd. Details are here, again.

22 Dec 2007
20 00h
YMS Auditorium, 54 Waterloo Street [nearest MRT station: Bugis]

yes, it's $12 per ticket, and it starts at 8pm. If you'll be around town at that time, do come and support us! It'll be a fun night. We'll have a guest performance by Crescent Girls' Secondary School Choir.

Oh, do spread the news around, of the choir concert! Thanks!

[if you want to reserve tickets, please contact me by email with your name, number of tickets requested.
Please use "Choir Concert Ticket" as the Subject.]

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Try this...Same song, Different Artist...Still the Song is beautiful as ever...

The song that ive been trying to put on... Prob

Sunday, November 25, 2007

one more month....

Hey guys.

just a reminder. the poll for the new class blog URL is closing in approx one month from the time of this post. So, please vote if you haven't, and if you have, make your changes before the poll closes. Yes, you are allowed to change your vote, but only before the poll closes.

One more thing, [k, I may look cheap for doing this, but I'm just saying] the choir is organizing a concert next month. For those who have purchased tickets, I just wanna say thanks. I'm not updated of how many tickets we have left, but I should know by tomorrow, so if you still want tickets, just cross your fingers and prepare to pay $12. We are only selling 200 tickets in total.

Anyway, here are the details..

22 Dec 2007
20 00h
YMS Auditorium, 54 Waterloo Street [nearest MRT station: Bugis]

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ok, this is useless, but read this...

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

W00t! 0-viewership!

lol... ok, kidding, i really don't know, since I don't have a real stat counter.

Anyway, if you're reading, Hi!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Notice from school website

" Band members please take note: Your supplementary exams will be on 26th and 27th Nov due to the band camp."

which reminds me... guys who are supposed to sit for supp. papers, the schedules are clear, please be present for your supp papers, and all the best.

Really. don't forget.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

4sa08 poll REOPENED. [oh, holiday assignments, too]

[long post. I know. but read through. It's important, and it's worth the effort.]
yes, the poll is opened up again for those who missed the chance to vote for their preferred address / blogname for the 4SA'08 class blog.

Do note that I set for the poll to end / close at 12.01PM on 26 Dec 07.

[That's 1 minute past noon on Boxing Day, for the English-English-speaking demographic. And I mean seriously English-English.]

Also, I just want to confirm before I make a mistake, what is our holiday homework? Please comment if this list has mistakes.
[separated by subject groups to make things clearer]

-A MATH: holiday homework\ online
-E MATH: holiday homework\ online

-PHY: Project by 21Dec07
-CHEM: Just come for Holiday lessons to find out...

-BIO: read Chpt 14 & 15 of TB, do WS 17 & 20.
-ART: O Level Preliminary Studies: You should have consulted Ms Chua on related images by 2Nov07, so research on 2 related artists once you have the theme to focus on.
>POA: I heard there was something...
>LIT: no idea...

>TAMIL: I believe Mr Muthu has uploaded something for you guys on the Online Learning.
>CL: Under Mdm Chong's workspace, "CHINESE_2007_SEC_3_EXPRESS Chinese", there's a file labelled "2007年中三快捷班年终华文假期作业.doc". 够明显了吧!
-HCL: Mdm Wang gave us the Beatty Sec Sch Internal HCL FYE paper. That's Holiday homework!
>CLB: Mr Koh posted some holiday homework online as well...

>Combined Humanities: none as far as I am aware, and as the Online Learning site has not hinted to me.
>The same goes for English...

"> " indicates subjects with doubts. Please tag or comment to inform me of the accurate homeworks.

And also, I just checked, regarding Supp papers....

A Math
-7NOV07: A Math Yeo is conducting lessons for Supp-paper students 8 - 10 am a@ C707.

-Mr Yeo Haig Gene posted the topics for the Supp paper online. Do check that out.

-As Chem Yeo mentioned, please inform her should you need assistance in preparation for the Supp paper tomorrow [7 Nov 07].

refer to timetable @ School Website
or this...

K, that's all that I have for now. Just before I go, check out what I found in the Physics Workbin. [focus on bottomw right corner of the screenshot.]

Monday, November 05, 2007

We're so happy we (DIDN'T) get in!


Excellent effort guys! No more late nights..and at least you got as far as you wanted! Well done all! Can't believe all of you were so calm and collected (or seemed like you were anyway!) Top 22 out of 54 is pretty impressive for last minute work...Oh well, so much for boosted ratings... : )
Hope it was a good experience!

chem lessons...

heh, should have confirmed...

Went to school today, only to realise there was no chem lesson today....

yes, i typed wrongly...

chem lesson is supposedly 6 & 7 Nov... not 5&6...

got it?