Monday, March 30, 2009

O level Certs

The office staff told me that they will be sending the O level certificates ( a laminated piece of paper ) back to MOE if you do not collect it soon.
I do not have an exact date, but she seems pretty pist that we take our own sweet time to go collect it.
Therefore, for your own sake, get it from school quick or else you will have to get it from MOE yourself.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Hi guys

If you still have your history file together with your sec 3 and sec 4 notes in order and it's taking up precious space in your study room or table, could you kindly offer it to Mrs Raj? She's looking for a well-organised file of notes. If you do, could you please tell me? Mrs Raj would really appreciate it!

: ) Seah

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



#1: for all those who doesnt know you have to collect your SGC (school leaving certs) from the sec school, you have to go collect from sec school. Bring IC/EZ-link. This is a different one from the small less-than-half-A4 size paper that you received.

#2: for all those who HAVE-D already collected your SGC from SAS, you have to go again to collect your O-level CERT from the sec school. Bring EZ-link/IC. This is a different one from that small slip of cheapstake paper and your $50 SGC. Elohim and I were the first to collect that today. :)

Oh ya Miss Seah, I heard that you made some grammar/spell mistake with Nigel Wong one, now the school has to pay an extra $50 just to print everything again. Haha.