Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hi everyone! For those that need your CCA Records, you can get them from Ms Rathai tmr from the time general office opens till about 12.45. She will print them for us tomorrow. 

Alternatively, I think the school will mail (just a guess, cos we had like 5 envelopes?) it to us. (this is if we are not urgent and the in the case if the record slip is not be that important to some of us)

Thanks loads to Miss Seah for helping us source this info. :D

Monday, January 26, 2009

Class outing 9/1/09

The outing was quite a disaster (my opinion). We went to east coast macdonalds to meet, and Aaron was about an hour late. Aaron had no idea where we were eating and we finally settled down at subway. Plans to cycle after dinner were easily disuaded and we found ourselves at a basketball court. Some of us played basketball while others sat on the cold hard floor and played/watched bridge.

I dont think Aaron was totally at fault.

We should...
1-Have a better plan or have a plan
2-Ignore other's opinions after plan is decided unless its really good.
3-Send invitations at least 2 weeks before outing.
4-Dont bother to check who is coming unless you need the numbers.

These are my opinions, and sorry to the planners as i might sound like a know it all and an ass, but it was a really aimless outing. ( Free and easy is not a plan!!!)

However i think most of us enjoyed it in a aimless kind of way. You can tell from the smiles on the pics! Hope this aint the last gathering. =D

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Class Comm '07

this would be interesting to most of you guys...yi lei and ryan came up with this on 27th jan 07...take a look at this.

(comments in brackets are by the o mighty powerful Yilei..A.K.A Francis)
Imma the treasurer
Also known as Ryan
But that’s George to you
Unless you are ms seah.
Or someone that usually calls me Ryan.

Class fund.
I propose we collect taxes
$4 a month.
Like say for example
The average allowance per week is $20
That means $80 a month.
We collect only 5%
Which is quite reasonable.
Look at the government.
They get 7%.
So I feel we are quite reasonable.
(Yilei statement… I shall now explain what he needs the cash for… no.1… birthday gifts.. no.2….during long holidays like march or june we all go on a class gathering for lets say… east coast barbeque.. bowling..n stuff I guess.)

One common problem is Desmond soh.
But we can’t do anything about him.
So I propose we start a class blog.
We should write about all the bad stuff he does to us,
It is a way to vent our anger at him in a safe, non-violent way.
Not to mention you can use the opportunity to enforce good English.
Then maybe we can get some ex- SA guy to publish our collection of short stories
And shock the public with the suffering we go through.
(yilei statement… only wholesome proper English allowed on the blog. But anything found in the dict will be allowed.. like the F word.)
To better ensure a conducive environment in school
We should get teachers to teach less from the textbooks.
And more from other sources.
Students get bored easily and their attention will stray
Especially if the teacher is reading off the textbooks.
E.g. KYM.
I say we spray a section of our class wall black.
Around the size of a large vanguard sheet. Or mahjong paper size.
Then we can get jasper yee or one of those people good at art
To write down our names and the year we were here.
This might help to instill a sense of class belonging.
Like we could say that class 3sa consisting of… passed through this class in the year 2007.
Cool huh.
-(baa.. black makes the classroom look so moody u need a cheery colour….. lets say bright orange!)
To better instill a sense of belonging we can have some class item.
Maybe a ring,
I for one want to say that zongren would look mighty fine with a nose piercing,
Or anything.
A badge would be good.
Like those nice badges with little proverbs on them type of badges.
(lets just let the class com decide everything! Who cares about democracy..)
Well, as a committee member,
Albeit an unwilling one.
I would like to see our class mix around more with each other..
Stepping out of their comfort zones
And out of their cliques of friends.
We (yilei and I) have noticed people tend to stick to their friends from their sec 2 classes.
This is natural human instinct and we cannot hope to alter this.
But I feel we should try harder to incorporate the ones from other minority classes.
Into our activities, like Matthew for example.
We as a class need to be united as a whole and able to stick together through adversity.
The up-coming years ahead will not be easy and we need to band together as a class
To continue supporting each other.
(I agree with this whole heartedly.. \)

I sound like some politician. (ur a natural borned one.)
Oh well.
I will do all I can to help achieve this goal.
Ps: class shirts HAVE to be pink.
The class should have to deal with it just this once.
I am adamant about this point.
Both yilei and I will use all necessary force to enforce the pink shirt.
Everyone against this colour shall suffer,
(yilei statement… c’mon guys.. pink is the new black! You guys obviously dun go out much bunch o nerds staying at home playing maple!)

And so it ends… I hope u have fun reading this ms seah… it took us a staggering 5 minutes to write it! You better appreciate our efforts by letting us keep the remainder cash left over  signed george & francis

Sunday, January 18, 2009

another class gathering....

hey guys... there will be another class gathering this friday (23 jan) at yi lei's place( yi lei's b'day btw)... hope u guys can make it! hah so i heard abt the last trip.. was not so good... hah but i think this one will be btr coz i planning it! there's a plan this time! hah there will be BBQ followed by Xbox, boardgames, mahjong, cards, movies, a big field if u guys wan play any soccer, basketball court is also nearby. If u wish to stay overnight its all possible : ).. some of us are already staying ovrnight... hah

yi lei's address : 9 eaton walk, near fernvale LRT (sengkang mrt)
buses available are : 70, 103, 163, 854
meeting time: 4pm

plz RSVP me if ur coming (81269232) Matthew sia

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Outing

Thanks ronald for making me a admin!

Issac, jing kai, Nelson and I went for a rather unsuccessful, but enjoyable christmas outing on 22nd December. We had a rather retarded gift exchange and had dinner at swensens.

We had nothing to do after dinner so we took the first bus that came from suntec. We alighted 2 stops later and walked to the esplanade. We watched a band play and walked aimlessly inside the esplanade.

After that, we went to get this gigantic air ball for FREE. We were supposed to vandalise it in anyway we wanted and return it to the vendors. We were not sure what it was for, maybe for new year resolutions. We took one and wrote all kinds of crap on it.

We wrote everyone's name! The first one has our signatures on it.

The sexy looking Arnold look alike (from Hey! Arnold) in the bath robe is drawn by me. Dam he's hot!

I will put in more entries on our class outing and the results day some other time.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Breaking News! "O" Level Results!

Breaking news!

We're getting our
"O" Level Results
12 JAN 2009,