Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just in case any of you are out of the loops, these are some things from the SASS website that I thought I could post.

-The B Division Ruggers beat ACS(I) 17-10 in the B Div Finals. Which means SASS is the champion again.

-The Band clinched a Gold with Honours in this year's SYF!
Also, the Drama got a Silver, and the Choir has not gone for judging yet (no idea when, but should be before the end of this month, as far as I know.)

-Think I posted this before, or maybe not, but anyway, there's some sort of Photography Competition going on. Open to all Primary, Secondary, JC, IP, and MI institutions (Sorry Poly students). If you're in a JC, or you have a younger brother, and you have a camera, why not try it out? The theme is reflection.

So, yeah. that's what's happening on the SASS website.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Images, incase you didn't understand

You know how some dictionaries have pictures in them?

Well, treat this post as one of those things.

The topic: differentiating the SGC from the Certificate.

This is the School Graduating Certificate. You can tell because the words "School Graduating Certificate" are embossed at the part which I pointed to in the photo. It's a folder with 6 slots.

Inside it, you'll find at least four pieces of paper.

The first says "School Graduating Certificate".
This is NOT your O Level Certificate.

The second says "Academic Achievements".
This shows results from your O Level exams.
But again, this is NOT your O Level Certificate.

The third piece is with regards to your "Co-Curricular Achievements".

The remaining pieces are about "Personal Qualities".
This is the essay/report that Ms Seah typed with the help of the "Resumé" that we had to do as an assignment last year. She showed us to check for errors when we got our Prelim results, if I recall correctly. Well, for a few people, there has been errors in this section, be it spelling of the name, grammar, copy-paste error, etc. Whatever it is, please read the last (few) page(s) just in case there's any mistakes.

That's the SGC.

The O Level Certificate is NOT in the SGC folder,
nor is your SGC your O Level Certificate.

They are separate.
They are given separately, too.

The O Level Cert looks like this...

You can tell I had a hard time taking this photo with my iSight camera.
That's because it's laminated, so it has a glossy surface.
It's just one piece of laminated paper,
much like the PSLE Certificate that we got after we left Primary School.

So, hopefully, from this post, you can tell if you forgot to take one of the above items, or if you haven't collected any of these items yet, you know what to expect.

Mind you, sometimes, the Office staff may be busy, so they may give you one item and not the other.

Hope that helped at least one person out.