Friday, August 29, 2008

50 DAYS!



[this is a scheduled post]

Friday, August 22, 2008



note that your attendance at this ceremony is compulsory. It is important that as graduating students, you particpate in this important school event.

Assemble @ 2.15pm at the Junior School Canteen
Attire: Full Uniform with school tie
Parade starts @ 3.30pm
Venue: School Hall

Guest of Honour: Mr Harry Elias

I will see you there!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Details for class trip to Bangkok are as follows!

4D3N (14 to 17 Nov 2008)
Tour: Floating MArket, Koh Kred Island
Visits: Chulalongkorn University, Thamasak University, Assumption School (I'm hoping to add in a visit to their Forensics Museum! It's really an eye-opening experience!)
Shopping Places: MBK, Siam Square/World Trade Centre, Chatuchak
Meals Provided: 3 breakfasts, 1 Lunch

Hotel: Bangkok Centre Hotel

Flight Schedule: 3K511 (dep SIN 7.05am arrive BKK 8.25am) - 14 Nov
3K514 (dep BKK 8.50pm arrive SIN 12.05am) 18 Nov early morn

Tour Agent: Timesworld Travel Staff

Cost: $590 per person


All the best for your prelims guys!

Friday, August 15, 2008

C Div: ACSI 39-0 SAS

Yio Chu Kang Stadium, Friday, August 15, 2008 - The Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) beat St. Andrew’s Secondary 39-0 in a one-sided C Division Championship final to complete the rugby grand slam. ACS(I) won the A and B Division titles this year and became the first school in Singapore school history to hold the A, B and C titles in a single calendar year.

Having beaten the Saints 41-5 in an earlier second round game, the only question was the margin of victory on the day. ACS(I) quickly answered that with an early try and by half-time, they were up 15-0. Saints did not even get inside the 22m line of their opponents half and were unable to put any sustained and meaningful pressure on ACS(I).

The second half was more of the same with four ACS tries and the only stress for ACS(I) was whether James Morgan would convert any tries after having missed all three in the first half. In the end he did manage to convert two although what most people will remember was the fact that he managed to hit the rugby posts twice.

Two of the ACS(I) tries in the second half saw them tear through the Saints backline like a knife through butter with multiple passes and a final strong run over the try line. This will go down as one of the most lopsided finals in C Division but given the fact that the mercy rule had to be invoked even in the semi-final when ACS(I) beat Bedok Town 89-7, this was not wholly unexpected.

ACS(I) won all their preliminary round games 80-0 with the mercy rule evoked in each game and they outscored their opponents throughout the whole championship by 512 to 15 points. The top four teams - ACS(I), Saints, Raffles Institution and Bedok Town - all received their medals and trophies at the end of the game but perhaps they should create a special prize next year for the players who score against ACS(I) next year. There certainly aren’t many of them.

--taken from

Well, Our school lost in the C Div Rugby finals, but we're still proud of the valiant effort that the team has shown; which led them to become 1st runner-ups. Congrats, C Div Team!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Almost forgot...

We're having SWIMMING TOMORROW. Don't forget to bring your trunks, goggles, towel, etc.

Pass the message!

Oh, don't forget your number 2 shirt.

And for Index 0148 and beyond: school uniform, school tie, badge, belt, I/C

Founder's Day Ceremony Rehearsal tomorrow morning. NOT TEA.

EL CT2 online.


For those who need a Copy of the Prelim Schedule, I'm sorry, but my exam schedule's been crumpled, scribbled-on, and probably not suitable for scanning and posting online.

To compensate for that, I posted the calendar online. I included all the subjects relevant to the students in our class [i.e.: MT, MTB, Combined Science, All Electives except D&T and Art 2]

With the exception of BIO1, all other papers will be conducted in the hall.

I also included the major Art due dates for the Coursework and Preparatory work.

Oh, all the best to the rest of the students who have yet to take their OLVL EL Oral exam! Remember to greet and smile!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I pray that all your minds might be rested, your bodies energised, and all your spirits inspired for the exams you will undertake.
May you all be confident and insightful, and importantly, able to give a true record of what you have prepared for.
Stay calm, focused and do your best so that you may reap the rewards of your diligence and labour!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Math Oral

I am going to type this whole post in complete text and without punctuation comma just watch me period line break Maths test on Tuesday the thirteenth of August comma two-thousand and eight period line break English Oral examination for most of us on the fourteenth of August comma and fifteenth of August for the rest of our class period

ok, that was a bad idea.

  • T-69days = 11 AUG - Public Holiday
  • T-68days = 12 AUG - Nothing Special...
  • T-67days = 13 AUG - E Math Test
  • T-66days = 14 AUG - EL ORAL
  • T-65days = 15 AUG - EL ORAL [cont'd]
Entering the last 60+ days

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy National Day.

It's 9 August 2008!

Happy National Day!

OLVL ORAL in 5 to 6 Days' time.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

"Enhanced Credibility / Reliability"

I'm typing all this from my head, as according to what I remember from SS lesson today. So, if there's any mistakes here, you know I have early symptoms of Alzheimer's'.

Cambridge often believes that
  • a source which describes the opinion of a person against his own organisation / nation / group's has "ENHANCED CREDIBILITY".
However, this is only true when
  • The person is in fact in that organisation group.
  • The person is opposing the trend / typical point of view of his group. Meaning: If the person is supportive of a new policy introduced by his country's government, even if it's factual, the source CANNOT be said to have 'enhanced credibility'.
Of course, questions related to 'enhanced credibility' have lower chances of appearing than the core skills. So, in the meantime, focus on other SBQ skills. Inference, Comparison, Utility, Reliability.

Those who pass before us - Harry Tan

It is with sadness that we announce our fellow Saint, Harry Tan Ho Swee, former student and Principal of St. Andrew's School, passed away peacefully today, Wednesday 6 August 2008 in the early afternoon.

Our deepest sympathy to his family, Mrs Tan Hoon Hwee and his 2 sons.

The wake will be held at Mt Vernon Funeral Parlour 1
Services will held on Thursday & Friday at 8:00 pm

Funeral Service on Saturday at 11:00 am
The Cremation at 1pm, Mandai Hall 1

--adapted from Saints Online Website

Our condolences to Mrs Tan Hoon Hwee and family...


Dear pupils
Ple study ALL the following themes / chapters for your coming Prelims and 'O's.

Understanding Governance (3 Chapters 2&3)
Conflict and harmony in multi-ethnic societies (3 Chapters 4&5)
Sustaining Economic development (4 Chapter 2)
Facing Challenges & Change (4 Chapter 3)


Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Heard [and confirmed] that our school's 'C' Div Hockey Team lost to Sengkang Secondary School by a really, really slim margin of 0-1.

Well, there goes our half-day.

Yay! more lesson time for us!

Insert opinion here

Ok. No comments.

All I can say is, congrats, Sengkang C Div Hockey team. I guess you guys deserved it.

chem o lvl (jun) 08

for all those who didnt do/ didnt bring/ were doing something else, this is the answers for chem o lvl (jun) 08 MCQ. [the paper which we dont have the ans at the back]

1)D 11)C 21)D 31)C
2)B 12)D 22)D 32)D
3)A 13)D 23)D 33)C
4)B 14)D 24)D 34)C
5)B 15)A 25)A 35)D
6)A 16)B 26)C 36)B
7)B 17) 27)C 37)B
8)C 18)C 28)D 38)B
9)D 19)D 29)D 39)A
10)C 20)C 30)C 40)A

*Q17: not in syallbus

**Any mistakes pls tag

***Yup confirmed. For all bio students, NTRIX has the common test 2 marks.

****Good bye.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008



Physics Test tomorrow. This is the LAST Physics class test [or so we were told]. UPDATED topics list:
  • Electromagnetic Induction [Fleming's Right Hand Rule; transformers and AC Generators]
  • Electromagnetism [Fleming's Right Hand Rule; D.C. Motor]
  • Circuits
  • Potentiometer [the one with the jockey]
E Math Test on generally all the topics in the syllabus. Questions will be adapted from the 6 Mid-Year papers: ACS(BR), Jurong, Hong Kah, Henderson, Pei Cai, Loyang

P Chem Test [whenever that will be. Date yet to be confirmed] Same topics as the S Chem CT paper.
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Polymers
  • Rate of Reactions
  • Redox Reaction
  • Metals [inclusive of Extraction]

That's all, folks!

No. 2?

So, do we wear the number 2 shirt tomorrow?

Just wondering...



a really cool and surprisingly accurate way to put whats going on in your life down into words. do give it a go.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Teachers' Day . SG

Found this at the back of today's TODAY paper [Oh. the cliché...].

It's a simple idea: Say 'Thanks" to your teacher in 6 words or less [Why? click here].

No long-winded, 350 word essay. Just submit a couple of words to show your gratitude!

So get cracking, and start summarising!